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Proposed Ideas: Enable Users to easily Re-Arrange the Components in the Ps Properties Panel

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Feb 17, 2022 Feb 17, 2022

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I use Quick Actions more than the other options in the Properties panel (Ps 2022, Win 10). I don't want to have to keep collapsing the Transform, Align/Distribute, Canvas & Rulers and Grids categories in the Properties Panel so I can more easily see/get to the Quick Actions and the link that's there to access more Quick Actions.


My idea/proposal is for Adobe Developers to develop the same kind of re-arrangement and/or viewing capabilities in the Ps Properties Panel that they've made available in Adobe Camera Raw. (I'm hoping it's code that could be ported over...).


Specifically my idea envisions:

(1) Giving users the ability to re-arrange the order of the functional components within the Properties Panel  (I'd personally like to be able to put Quick Actions at the top for greater visibility).  

(2) Allow a mix of expanded and collapsed functional components within the Properties Panel. If we could collapse selective components in the Properties Panel (and have our choices be maintained as either expanded and visible or collapsed and hidden or a mix of both) we could see component options (like Quick Actions) that now require a lot of scrolling down to get to. ACR already allows that sort of choice of component functions expanded, collapsed or a custom mix of both. I'd like to see that in the Properties Panel too.



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