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Simplify "Apply effect to canvas bounds"

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Mar 04, 2022 Mar 04, 2022

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In a landscape, I frequently use rectangular Select with a Feather size to adjust foreground in relation to sky. However, the default is for the feather to vignette the whole rectangle including the canvas bounds. In a prior post I learned to go to Select>Modify>Apply effect to canvas bounds. (Odd wording, because it implies the default is for an effect not to apply to the canvas bounds unless it is checked; yet in my experience it's the oppposite. It applies by default even though when I get to the setting, it's unchecked!)


1. If the "Apply effect" setting is unchecked by default, the default feather effect (and others?) should match. For my needs, I prefer that not applying it be the default. Having it apply by default only makes sense if the user wants to vignette the selection.


2.This setting is so elemental that it should not be buried. When the selection tool is turned on, "Apply effect to canvas bounds" should be on the same settings line as the feather size slider. That is, after turning on the Selection tool, the user should be able to fill in the feather pixel size and then check or not check "Add effect to canvas bounds" immediately—not have to burrow down this recondite, unintuitive three-step hole to reach it, or have to ask if such a switch even exists.

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