Preparing a Adobe Lens Profile chart for macro photography

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May 03, 2021 May 03, 2021

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I wish to prepare a lens profile of a Componon-S 28mm f4 lens for macro photography on my Olympus E-M5ii, using the Adobe Lens Profile Creator.

To make the process work, a number of stages.  Unfortunately, even the first stage is not straight forward.

Print out a calibration chart:  More or less at random, I am starting with the chart Landscape Executive - 7.25 In x 10.50 In (Square Print Dimension 36 Pts, Version 11 x 19) - attached. This has been printed out on my Laserjet CP1529N at 600 dpi from the file loaded into Photoshop 21.  The image on a plastic film is small, 10%, i.e. ca 24x14 mm for the checkerboard but it is defective, with white pixels arranged in grids in the black squares.  Each square is about 1.3 mm across, scan at 1200 ppi attached.

The white pixels are not in the original image and are an artefact of the printing process. Any idea how I can get rid of them to create solid black squares? 

Probably as important is the printed noise/bleed around the edges of the squares. I should welcome advice from anyone who has been round this task - will that noise seriously impact of the assessment of the charts when the Lens Profile Creator works on the chart?

Thank you

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