Veikk A30 Drawing Tablet Offset Issues (Drawing at an offset from cursor)

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Jun 09, 2021 Jun 09, 2021

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This is to help anyone who encounters the same problems I did. 


I am on a Windows 10 desktop with a dual monitor setup. The monitors are of different sizes, shapes, and resolutions. I am using a Veikk A30 Drawing Tablet which I recently purchased and had a lot of difficulty setting up to work how I wanted with PS.


What I learned:

  • When using Windows Ink, functionality of the Pen/Eraser option for the Veikk Pen buttons stops working in all apps. Except for in Microsoft Whiteboard for some reason.
  • Disabling Windows Ink funciton in the Veikk settings, allows for pen buttons to work properly, but pressure is no longer detected in Photoshop.
  • The PSUserConfig modification a la this post causes pressure to work with the Windows Ink function disabled and allows proper functionality of the pen buttons, but can cause drawing offset issues when using multiple monitors. 


This final bullet took me a while to discover a solution for, and I am not sure if this is a Photoshop or a Veikk issue. Basicaly what would happen is I would draw, and though the cursor in PS would appear where my pen was, lines would be drawn at an offset: about an inch or so above where the cursor was. Using a single monitor fixed the issue, and setting my tablet to use both screens also removed the offset from the pen cursor, but split the tablet in an ackward way which I was unwilling to settle for.


The solution to this issue (if you want the tablet to only work with one monitor at a time) is to go into Windows Display Settings (Settings -> System -> Display) and to make sure that both monitors are level at the top. 

i.e. like this:

PS solution.PNG

This can be done by dragging them around. Before I had the monitors slightly off-level, with the second higher than the 1st (on which I had PS open). This caused the effect that the pen was drawing a set distance above the cursor, which I believe was equivalent to the monitor vertical offset. 


This is likely caused due to either PS or Veikk software using the upper-left corner as the starting point for measurment of position. And when two monitors are in place, the coordinate plane is calculated (somewhat ackwardly) as though all of the monitors X and Y minimums contributed to the location of that starting coordinate. 

Picture to illustrate what I mean (successfully done in PS):



I hope this post will help others that may be encountering the same issues that I did. Veikk does not appear to have an official forum, and since the primary software I was dealing with was PS, I thought it appropriate to post here.



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