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Maximum Video Length Issue - NOT OBVIOUS!!

New Here ,
Jan 26, 2020 Jan 26, 2020

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Edit: I profusely apologize that this posted to Photoshop Elements community page instead of Premiere Elements. I could have sworn that I was in the Premiere community page because I had been surfing around there for a solution...I tried to delete/edit this post but cannot seem to move the message. This is most perplexing! But I reposted this message over there.


https://community.adobe.com/t5/premiere-elements/premiere-project-issue-setting-maximum-video-length... (SOLUTION FOUND!!)


Dear Adobe Community,


I'm having an extremely frustrating experience, and I could really, really really use some help. I relentlessly worked on a new project an entire night and Adobe has all the editing functions I required which would have left me extremely happy with the new experience--except one. How in heaven's name do I set a maximum video length on the timeline?!? I figured it would be these two "keystones", which I've also seen in the various tutorial videos, but for some reason Adobe Elements seems damned intent on ignoring them. It keeps wanting to export a 45 minute video for a 90 second clip and there are no clips drifting around on the back-end of the timeline!


It's ludicrous. It's incredulous. It makes me want to throw something at a wall, that this issue should be so perplexing to a new user...I'm sure it's something simple but I eagerly await a response.










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