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Incredibly Long Export Times

New Here ,
Jul 02, 2020 Jul 02, 2020

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I'm trying to export videos on rush and they are just taking an incredibly long amount of time. It used to be reasonably quick, but I did start using a better camera for the vids (up to 4k) and that was roughly about the beginning of the long export times. I wondered if it was my computer, but I got a completely new and empty hardrive and it is still slow. I've got Google Fiber, so it shouldn't be the interent (although I'm trying to export locally so it shouldn't be the internet anyways). I've completely emptied out my creative cloud besides the video I am exporting. I tried initially in 4k, but I wondered if 4k was just too big, so now I've got it down to 1080p and 30 frame rate. It's now been exporting for roughly thirty minutes and the estimated time remaining has only gone up (now at 1 hour 22 remaining). I'm on a 2015 Dell with an i7 processor and my new hardrive has 1 terrabyte free. The video is estimated to be about 8 gigabytes of memory. 

That can't be a normal export time for a video of that size can it? The 16 gigabyte original video that this one was cut from only took maybe 30 minutes to download from dropbox. Seems excessive, but maybe I'm impatient?

Any help would be appreciated.







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