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Just lost 7 hours of work due to crash, IPad version

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Sep 27, 2021 Sep 27, 2021

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Just wanted to let you know, that, despite ocasional crashes, I have enjoyed using this app.


However, just now at the end of doing a voiceover for 15 minute video, 7 hours of work, 150 individual voiceover clips, only 2 minutes away from the end, the app has crashed. When I opened it again, the mail video and all the voiceover files were missing.


I went to look in the assets, and they are all there in the Adobe cloud, but when I imported them back in, all the positioning is lost, also the deleted files are there, and none of the trims are applied. It'll tame me longer to fix them all, than to re-record the whole job, if my throat can take it.


First, I was angry, then I wanted to cry a little, and now I'm quitting Adobe and looking for a more stable app to do the job. These issues are clearly happenning for everyone constantly, why can't you fix them, since you're charging for this product?

Crash , Error or problem , Mobile version






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