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Premiere Rush Failing to Load Project After Crash

New Here ,
Mar 08, 2021 Mar 08, 2021

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Hello, I was editing in Rush when I got an alert that rush had not saved in a while and to exit to the main menu to force a save. I clicked OK on it and finished the cut I was working on, and then clicked the home button, and Rush stopped responding, which I honestly expected. I shut down rush and reopened it fine, but when I went to open the project back up nothing loaded, at all, it was just a grey screen with nothing, not even the UI. I could not even get options in the toolbar menus. I restarted Rush and tried again, and the same thing happened. I could open up other projects fine, but not the one it crashed on. I have room on the drive Rush is located on to save, I look and see that Rush is actually using my CPU and storage for the first few seconds after I click on the project, but it just slowly stops using them and becomes idle and just sits around. You would think that the project got corrupted or something, but I would think that the UI would still load, but all of the footage would just not exist. I have unlogged and relogged from Rush, restarted my computer, and just tried loading the project again a bunch, but nothing changes. For context this the project is around 3 hours long, with 1 hour being fully edited, so the length of the project might be a factor, but before this I have noticed almost no drop in performance. I would just duplicate the file and get a fresh install of Rush to see if that helps, but from what I can tell Rushes file management is horrible. The one last thing I can think of is reinstalling Rush, but I don't know if it will just delete the project when I do that, as I am on the free trial and don't have really anything backed up to the cloud as far as I can tell.


System Specs (If helpful)

Windows 10

Ryzen 5 3600

GTX 1660

16GB of Ram


Thank you!

Desktop version , Error or problem , Freeze or hang






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