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Reroute Nodes

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Nov 24, 2022 Nov 24, 2022

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Similar to a new feature introduced in Unreal Engine 5's material graphs, reroute nodes that lets you plug an input into a node, and then grab that as an output elsewhere in the graph without the need to have tons of connecting lines going all over the place.

So instead of this:


You'd get something like this:



Obviously it's a limited example, but it'll let you produce much more readable and clean graphs, and can help with optimisation as you could grab and use a single noise rather than reusing a new Clouds generator each and every time, while keeping everything tidy and organised. Bonus points if the nodes were visually distinct, and maybe didn't have the thumbnail to save computation time, as all the nodes need to do is point to where data should go like a connector.

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Substance Graph






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