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Correct way of avoiding UV stretching in a smooth object export

New Here ,
Mar 29, 2022 Mar 29, 2022

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Hi, perhaps this has been asked before but I don't really know what words to use to find a proper answer, I've been looking for quite a while.


As my base 3D program I use Maya 2019 and sometimes I make models which need to be rounded properly such as pipes or anything with cylinders. This is where I get confused sometimes about the proper workflow on getting the object properly to SP:


For example if I just smooth mesh preview it (aka 3 mode) and export it as fbx there seems to be some stretching in the UV's specifically at the borders (see also attached stretch_01.jpg) and this becomes a problem when baking sometimes in SP. With some models I can do a work around using the soften edge option in Mesh Display but this does not work on some models and they remain too choppy to propely bake any mapping. The smooth mesh option to preserve edges (instead of cadmull clark) doesn't work when you export a model)


Usually I would smooth mesh from preview and would just use that model anyway, but is this the proper way to go about this issue?


A lot of videos do not address this issue: most of them just export and ignore it all together or use such a high poly mesh that it is impractical to use in projects.


As for export settings: I use the usual smooth mesh groups and tangents + binormals.


Thank you for you time and attention.

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