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Non Square Texture Support

New Here ,
Mar 16, 2022 Mar 16, 2022

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This has been asked for for years and years now and it has been aknoledged a billion times.
When will we finally see actual non-square texture support ? 
This is such an important feature to have in game development, I have no idea how this isnt a number 1 priority. This should be a basic functionallity for any serious game development texturing software.

The only way of getting half descent results is by changing UV transformation settings inside each and every layer to a power of 2 ratio, which is a ridiculously tedious task on complex models and doenst solve all problems every time.
Setting Texture Set Settings to non-square doenst make any meaningfull difference as it is not reflected in the 2D and 3D viewport.

Test best results i could come up with was using clinched UVs and non-square bakes, with square Texture Set and export settings, while changing UV transform settings to the power of 2 .

How does no one seem to care ?
Is there a magic plugin everyone but me knows about ? 
Seriously tho, what am I missing here?
Clearly I cant be the only missing this feature.

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