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Substance Painter settings

New Here ,
Mar 10, 2022 Mar 10, 2022

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I'm BRAND NEW to S.P and I have some questions regarding custom settings. 

1. I use Maya and I would like to configure SP so I can use the same control settings that I use in Maya.   In the tutorial I'm using it is stated that the option setting is available when I launch SP but that is not happening for me.  Where do I go to apply these settings?   

I'm currently using  Substance 3D Painter (substance edition).


2. I'm following a tutorial but I've noticed that there are some features that my version does not have such as the SHELF (as per attachment).   How do I bring up the Shelf?    

Note:  In the screenshot, the top red box is from the video and as you can see my version does not have the same.


3. I've read online that there is a plug-in for SP that Maya uses.   Is this something that I should add into Maya or can I do without it?  

4. Lastly, I use Renderman as opposed to Arnold (the renderer being used in the tutorial series).   Is there anything I should be taking into consideration when exporting geometry from Maya to SP?



Thank you.

SP screenshot.jpg

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