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Cannot Export .real File Of A Specific Project, but can export other projects to .real

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Dec 06, 2023 Dec 06, 2023

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I recently have been working on an AR project using Adobe Aero, but for some reason I cannot export it. When I export it, It says it exports, but when I check the file directory it is not exported.


I've tried:

  • Duplicating the project and exporting it.
  • Exporting the project to an empty folder.
  • Exporting the project to a different directories entirely.
  • Creating a new project and attempting to export it (To see if my download of Aero was at fault, which it wasn't as it was able to export all other projects except for this specific one and its duplicates)
  • Duplicating the project, deleting all the assets in the duplicated project and attempting to export to see if the assets were at fault (Assets were not at fault, project still did not export even with no assets to export)
  • Attempting to copy the assets and paste them into another project (Did not work)
  • Making the file "Available Offline" to attempt to view on the Adobe Creative Cloud synced folder (I realised I do not have access to the synced folder as blocked by my organisation)


If anyone has any solutions, please let me know asap. Need a backup quickly.


Perhaps Aero can enable us to:

  • Copy and paste assets across projects.
  • Open multiple Aero instances.
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