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Servers / shared documents

New Here ,
Feb 22, 2024 Feb 22, 2024

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Hi all. 


Ive used Indesign Illustrator and photoshop from a server at 13 agencies over 20 years.

I'm currently working on a mac, connected to a mac, running mac server, the server is connected to diffrent macs over an ethernet network. The other users need to access the same files when ive saved and passed the job on and vise versa, working off the desktop is faster and has no technical errors, apart from the human error and juggling who has the recent version, is a critical problem, meaning we cant work like that.


We use a server becuase - We need shared folders as after one person saves it, the next person can open that file and carry on, with multiple projects it seems this is the only way to avoid working on the wrong version of a file, plus a server backups all the jobs up and eliminates user error, I believe there is no other way. But even at larger agencies I worked, the IT guys were constantly resetting the servers as Adobe would seem to not save sometimes, with persmissions errors or other issues, etc etc.


I think the modern age is amazing and these machines do wonders. My question isnt about Adobe's connectivity methods, Apple and PC's ways of running shared files etc, Ive researched as much as I can, I understand the principles, and I dont understand them, and thats ok, Im tired of my own ignorence and frustrations and lack of IT knowledge, I just want to do my job as adesigner, hit save, and move on to the next job and now and again maintain the server occasionaly. 


My question is:

Does anyone use a settup with more than one mac, sharing files with other experianced proffesionals, that consistently works, and doesnt randomly have issues with saving one day and working fine another, maybe NAS, maybe windows, maybe a certain configeration, maybe the cloud. I would love to hear from other people in a sililar multi file, multi user settup, that seem to have found a settup that is 'stable' if that word is correct. 


Thanks for reading, and apologies it was a long message, Im trying to get to the point and keep the question as focussed as possible.


Massive thanks for any advice. 








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