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Adobe Firefly Feedback

New Here ,
Jun 06, 2024 Jun 06, 2024

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So, I had to re-write this when I realized it was going to be a community post, versus sending in feedback.  I did not edit much, but want to get my point accros.  I tested out the Gen AI with Firefly today using both the Image 3 (preview) and Image 2 ...whooosaaa...and I am really sad.  


When you think of how the big players in the ai image gen space are doing it by using an Art Style to first define the image and that encompasses so much.  There are HUNDREDS, But for some really strange reason  Adobe has it in under "Effects?"    This is confusing and very frustrusting. And to be honest, that  jumbled "Content Type, Structure & Styles?"  More difficult than necessary.  Maybe others have found a way to perfect this, but for me it really made a difference as the Firefly results were...Whoosaaaa (just look at those I compared below), and after generating a few images, I am good.  


I do not really have a #2, but I thought I would share examples as to what I am referring.  Attaching images I generated from TOTALLY FREE tool versus those I generated with Adobe Firefly...it's sad really.  Honestly, this is one of those moments where my grandmother would say "Bless his/her/your heart!"  


I do not know how long I am going to live, so I will end by saying, all of those different "break downs" should simply be part of the prompt.  No point in making it more difficult than it has to be...unless - you do not have plans on becoming a tool of choice in this space.  


I pray that my feedback is received in the vein in which it was meant - constructive criticism.





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