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Adobe Firefly

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Apr 27, 2023 Apr 27, 2023

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Thank you for sharing your idea for an AI image generator in Adobe Firefly. Here's my perspective on your proposed features:

1.Changing the lighting in images is a commonly requested feature in image editing software so that it would be a useful addition to an AI image generator. This could include options for adjusting an image's brightness, contrast, and color balance to improve its overall look and feel.

2. Auto font discovery and creation is an exciting idea, but it may not be easy to implement. While AI has made great strides in generating realistic images and text, font design is a highly specialized skill involving technical and creative expertise. It may be more feasible to offer a library of high-quality fonts that users can select from or to allow users to modify existing fonts with AI-powered tools.

Overall, an AI image generator with features for changing lighting and improving font selection could be a valuable addition to Adobe Firefly.


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