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Suggestion for restricted content access:

Community Beginner ,
Jun 23, 2023 Jun 23, 2023

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You could get people to prove they're over 18 then give unrestricted access with no word filters allowing more freedom to create, adult content included.

As it is now editing anyone's physical apperance is restricted to the 1st initial text description, because when we try to edit clothing anywhere near the torso or body area, especially legs and stomach it restricts all generated content.
this is frustrating and restrictive.
EG if I make Cat woman from the movie Batman & shes in a leather cat suit, if I want to put a leather strap (on ) her leg, waist, or a chest piece of armor it wont let me, it restricts everything it generates because of adult filters.
This image is a perfect example of the frustrations caused by filters.


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