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Please allow individual and group timeline layer height and size adjustments like Premiere does.

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Aug 02, 2023 Aug 02, 2023

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If it worked like Premiere, you could park the cursor over a layer and hold down option(Mac) and scroll the thumbwheel and that layer will enlarge taller or shrink to allow a better visual of the clip on the timeline.

 If you hold down shift + scroll the thumbwheel, ALL selected layers enlarge or shrink height.  Would certainly be a welcome addition while working on a 4K or larger monitor with higher resolution as those layers get pretty small to see what is on them.

To win the Technical Achievement Award at the Oscars, if you found a way to make the text (clip name)on each layer scale up or down with the layer size, you would certainly get my vote.

Thanks for this opportunity.

Eric Williamson

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