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Jun 01, 2023 Jun 01, 2023

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Can somebody please help me find a customer services email where I can complain. I am facing multiple problems with adobe software. Bridge no longer works with Photoshop. I can't open Photoshop from Bridge anymore. Somebody from Adobe was supposed to be calling me back between 11-12 UK time on Tuesday and they didn't. 


I have Premier Pro 2023. for some reason it can't detect a folder full of Gopro 11 video files. but if I go back to Premier Pro version 2021 it works fine, it can detect the contents of the folder. 


The other issue the the Adobe Creative Cloud application randonly says its not connected to the internet when the computer is connected to the internet. 


I am fed up with these issues, I get them once or twice a year and they take days to sort out. Days that I don't have to waste. I have a lot of work to do and here I am trying to figure them out,. or trying to contact support or talking with support for them to hang up on me or simply not resolve my problem. 


I am fed up with it. to the point there must be better software out there. Adobe makes my life difficult a lot and I have had a enough of it and you can't get hold of them when it matters and if you do get hold of them they waste so much of your time. 

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