Character Animator 22.5 is now live: Starter Mode, Quick Export, and more...

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Jun 21, 2022 Jun 21, 2022

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Character Animator version 22.5 is now available for download from the Creative Cloud desktop application. We're happy to announce Stater Mode, Quick Export, Auto-swapping artwork, and Leader/Follower behavior.


What's new?


Starter Mode:

Starter mode for Character Animator is for everyone, and you don't need any subscription to use it. Starter mode offers a streamlined interface that performs, records, and exports characters. You can start animating through live performance, triggerable poses, and emotions. You don't have to be an expert rigger. Upgrade to Pro mode when you are ready. For more information, see Animate a Puppet with Starter mode.


Differences between Starter and Pro mode


Quick Export:

You can export animations quickly in Starter mode and Pro mode. Export your animations directly in the H.264 codec using Quick Export. Choose a Match Source preset to automatically have settings like resolution and frame rate match your sequence, or select from a list of common video resolutions. For more information, see Export a scene or puppet.


Auto-swapping artwork and Leader/Follower behavior:

Auto-swap lets you automatically switch between different artwork layers, like a hand or arm position, like your puppet moves. This allows your character to have a more customized, frame-by-frame look for certain elements mixed with real-time performance capture. For more information, see Switch artwork with Auto-swap.


How to update Character Animator to version 22.5?

Open the Creative Cloud desktop application and click the Updates tab on the top-left. Find Character Animator in the list and click Update.

CH 22.5.png

I don't see the update in my Creative Cloud desktop application. What should I do?

Click Help > Check for Updates from the Creative Cloud desktop application to refresh it.

Download and install







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