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CF 11 - AWS CPU Spikes when ever an action occurs

New Here ,
Dec 22, 2015 Dec 22, 2015

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Hi everyone,

Ive got a very strange issue with my AWS Instance of CF 11. Its using the AMI provided on Amazon and has had nothing but problems since I subscribed to it. It all started with it being provisioned with a developer license and being charged for enterprise by mistake.

Anyhow, my issue is rather strange in that I have an M3 Large instance, with an application Ive had running quite successfully using Hostek. No real major issues to report whilst hosting with Hostek, but the only difference is the Hostek instance is a single instance with MSSQL and CF10 all on the one box.

With my AWS instance, I have CF 11, and MSSQL via an RDS.

Everytime I run a page with a few queries on it, the CPU within the Task manager spikes up to 90 - 100%.

I run the exact same page via my Hostek account or via my local vmWare development environment and I get 3%.

The main difference here is that SQL is served via RDS and I cant seem to find any reason why my production machine cant handle any thing.

The CPU also spikes when I load the CF Admin on my production machine...

Ive upped the JVM to double the default, however nothing does any good.

Im wondering if anyone else has had this issue, or if it could be the connection to RDS?

Or if the Connectorin IIS could be causing this problem?

so in short, Task Manager reports Adobe Coldfusion Launcher Application upwards of 99% CPU

not using JRUN, just got a pretty standard CF 11 Installation updated to version 4.

Im planning on updating to hotfix 7, but im wondering if anyone else has had this sort of weirdness occur on their installation or via AWS with an RDS ?






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