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Adobe Background Processes

Adobe Employee ,
Sep 01, 2023 Sep 01, 2023

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Processes Consolidation & Improvements


Based on user feedback and our developers' efforts, we've significantly reduced the number of Adobe background processes. Some processes would continue to operate in the background & others are now optimized to run on demand, leading to improved performance. We are continuing to work on further reducing the number of processes in the future. The number of processes listed in the linked help article has been greatly reduced from the original count.


Adobe background processes run behind the scenes and perform several important tasks that make your Adobe apps run seamlessly. You may not always notice them, but these critical background processes work even when not using any of your Adobe apps. Some of them are meant to sync your fonts or libraries to the cloud, while some install automatic updates for your apps.

Similarly, your Creative Cloud desktop app interacts with other background processes on your device. These services (such as Creative Cloud Core Service, Adobe Content Synchronizer, and Creative Cloud Libraries Synchronizer) perform tasks like app installations and updates and asset syncing.


  • There will be fewer entries in the Task Manager on Windows due to modifications we made to the Crash Reporter processes. Click on the button below for more information.



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