Conceptual questions re: Adobe IDs and authorisation

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Feb 23, 2021 Feb 23, 2021

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I can use Adobe Digital Editions OK on a day to day basis but about to help an elderly relative get up and going on an elderly ereader (Sony PRS-T1) and some conceptual questions occur to me.

A document or flow chart might exist explaining this - or not (Wikipedia article and web searching not hugely & obvious informative).


Questions (each followed by motivation and context)
Q1: activate computer with Adobe ID, activate ereader with Adobe ID, deactivate/erase computer but leave the ereader untouched - any reason that work flow would cause problems or in future if another computer was activated with same ID to use with ereader there would be any issue?


Motivation for Q1: elderly relative is not a keyboard & mouse person (they can manage a touchscreen Android phone for basic messaging) - me activating their ereader for them (on their Adobe ID) may help as the ereader model in question (Sony PRS-T1) can, I believe, directly get Adobe DRM protected content and open it for reading once activated with an ID (like having the Digital Editions app on a mobile phone - but with an eink screen). I think this should work but someone more expert on here might disagree so asking.

Q2: content delivered to an Adobe ID activated device is bound to the UUID (universally unique identifier) of the account not the email of the account - yes?

Motivation for Q2: this clarifies that if one switches emails over time (or different emails at ebook vendor account and Adobe ID account) or similar there is precisely no issue at all as long as one retains the same Adobe ID account.

Q3: Content is bound to the ID at the serving stage (when one downloads the .acsm file and uses that to download the content to the device) - yes?
Motivation for Q3: kind of an extension to question 2 - that what matters is not the email at the ebook vendor but keeping access to the Adobe ID one uses to download the content to read it on an ereader.

Q4: Worst case scenario - losing access to Adobe ID - what would be possible procedure for reloading to new ID? Contact ebook vendor and explain situation (assuming download is from their servers)?

Motivation for Q4: worst case scenario & general interest question. To prevent this presumably practical steps would include using secondary emails/contact phone number/two factor auth which might allow Adobe to help with password recovery. But if it happened - ways that might happen inc. a hack, using an institutional email & then leaving or being fired, forgetting to pay a bill from email service (what elderly relative could conceivably do). But presuming all prevention and recovery efforts re: Adobe ID failed then would approaching ebook vendor with appropriate documentation as to the cause (e.g. receipt showing one bought the ebooks plus cause for loss of control of Adobe ID - such as police report in case of a hack)  work in theory (providing vendor is helpful in practice)?
Or is there some other way/no way to deal with that situation.

ADE authorization , Deauthorization







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