Why isn't ADE (windows7 pc) able to scale newer book releases?

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Apr 11, 2019 Apr 11, 2019

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If the book has images, they are too large to be viewed. Sometimes, one can barely see that there is an image at the bottom of a page; when "grabbed" and pulled up, one can see a "ghost" image of what it is, but that is all. It does not show on the next page. I have tried using older versions of ADE in hopes that would help, but the problem is the same.

ADE needs a developer's attention. It is inflexible and has so many bugs that its few features often lead to the program freezing.

I wonder if some of the books from my library were originally written for Kindle as some are badly formatted and reading them is impossible.

Books without images work okay. While the cover and front matter of the book are oversized and can only be partially viewed, the book content is not affected.

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