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Admin Console Messed Up Cloud Files

New Here ,
Apr 11, 2022 Apr 11, 2022

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To whom it may concern,


I am the Admin of my company's Adobe for Teams accounts. I am also a Product Designer and I use Adobe Xd on a daily basis.


At the beginning of January, I received an email informing me that there will be an Admin Console update that will transform all the team member's storage into one big pool. It also mentioned something about separating the account into a business and an individual plan:


"Some of your users may have another business or individual plan under the same email address. We’ll be separating their plans into different profiles to help them choose where to create and store their content. These users will have an option to select the profile at the time of sign-in."



They indeed created two accounts under my email address and for some strange reason, they put all my Adobe Xd files and published links into the personal one without asking me. They did not let me choose where to create and store my content.


Now, I am supposed to manually import hundreds of Adobe Xd files back to the Business Account, and I am supposed to lose all the Published Links that contain hundreds of comments that we use at work to understand the designs.


I have been reaching out to Customer Service, and I always get stuck and have to start all over again. When I contact them, I start by stating the problem and current situation, they give me the option to manually import the files, then I tell them I can't manually transfer over 100 files one by one and that it's impossible to transfer the published links and their comments with them. Then they finally move on to have someone contact me from a foreign country with a very strong accent very hard to understand, then either the call ends before I pick it up, or the call ends seconds after I pick it up, or they would put me on hold and the call would disconnect.


Now, after over a month of fighting, I just got disconnected AGAIN while on hold and I don't have anyone I can talk to.


Another problem is that they provided my Personal Account with a temporary 1-month license for "All Apps" to allow me to migrate my documents and it's running out because they haven't solved the problem yet. It's expiring very soon.


Now, because of Adobe's arbitrary decision of putting all my files and published links under the Personal Account, I am finding myself soon locked out of my files and at the risk of losing hours of work put into comments on my Published links.


After this, I definitely have to reconsider using Adobe Xd as I cannot be risking my work over a faulty system. I have already spent hours of work trying to fix this with a dead end. This is really really bad customer service and I would have never expected this from Adobe.


I need to get this fixed ASAP.

Admin console , Business ID , Manage account , Services and storage , Teams






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