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AUSST cleanup clarification

New Here ,
Aug 24, 2023 Aug 24, 2023

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Looking for some clarification on the option of running a cleanup command for our AUSST server.


According to the "Maintain the internal update server" documentation it appears that you need to run an incremental update followed by the cleanup command to cleanup obsolete products and updates. My concern is around the possible requirement of including the --filterProducts parameter during the incremental update and the verbiage that states "sap codes you want to retain after cleanup".


Currently we run incremental updates routinely on our server but we do not use the --filterProducts parameter. Our reason for this is that we want to grab any or all products updates whenever they become available considering that any user in our company may have any or all the Adobe products on their client.


The concern is, if we don't use the --filterProducts parameter in the incremental update and then follow up with the cleanup command, will the cleanup command remove all of our downloaded updates and products on the AUSST server? Or, because we didn't use the --filterProducts parameter will the cleanup command simply remove any or all obsolete products and updates but still leave the latest update for every product?


If running the cleanup command without previously using the --filterProducts parameter results in removing all products and updates. Is the best approach to cleaning up the AUSST server to run an occasional  --fresh command which I believe wipes the entire update directory and downloads the only the latest.







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