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Fresco MAX update (3.0) | Motion, Perspective and Graph grids and more!

Adobe Employee ,
Oct 26, 2021 Oct 26, 2021

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The Adobe MAX update to Fresco brings to you several exciting features listed below. To update your current version or to download it, see  this article.  


Check out the complete list below: 



apply-motion-to-artwork-fr-max-oct2021 (1).gif

Add motion to your artwork:

Add motion to still artwork using the frame-by-frame or motion paths technique; export results as videos or animated GIF files. 





SrishtiBali_0-1634080809210.pngPerspective Grids:

Use this powerful drawing aid to precisely align objects when using Perspective in FrescoUsing perspective, you can represent depth on a two-dimensional surface based on how it is perceived by the observer.  



Fresco to Ai on the iPad.gif




Send files to Illustrator on iPad:

Use this option to open Fresco files in Illustrator on iPad to leverage its power vector editing capabilities











whats-new-detail-vector-jitter-brushes-fr-max-oct2021.jpg.img.jpgVector jitter brushes:

The shape dynamics option in the new vector jitter brushes provides better control over jitter distance and size providing a more organic feel to your designs. 



Let's hear about these features from the our Designers themselves:


We would love to hear your experience related to all the features in this update. Please create separate posts for focused discussions.









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