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Live Brushes not compatible?

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Aug 31, 2020 Aug 31, 2020

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I have a new Surface Pro 5 (2017) with a Surface Pen, and I just installed the free version of Fresco via my Creative Cloud app (I had to get version 1.8.1 as the latest one said it was not compatible), and when I went to use the Live Brushes, I got a message saying "Not Supported: Live Brushes are not supported on this device"…no reason was given. I read the system requirements on the Adobe site and it said the Live Brushes need an up to date graphics driver, and if your graphics card driver wasn’t up to date, it’d let you know, but I never got any type of message specifically about that when I installed the program. I double checked my graphics driver in any case, and I do have the latest driver for that. I have everything up to date on my system for that matter.


My computer fits all of the requirements, except for the amount of RAM needed…I only have 4GB of RAM, but I just thought that’d make the program run a tad slower or lag in parts sometimes.  I have about 66GB of free space currently, so that can’t be an issue I don’t think.


I seem to be able to do everything else just fine with the program, thus far anyways…haven’t seen any issues occur, so it’s just the Live Brushes, which is pretty much one of the main reasons I wanted this program.


I do have a 2TB external hard drive, and I’m wondering if I ran the program from that if it would make a difference? I know storage isn’t the same as RAM, but just not sure if that could be a “work around” or not. But also, I just want to have a better understanding of why the Live Brushes are not supported, especially considering I have an up to date graphics driver, as specified in the program's requirements that the Live Brushes need that in order to work, and I seem to have all of the other requirements as well. 


My computer specs are as follows:

OS = Windows 10 Pro (1903)

CPU = Intel i5 7300U (2.60GHz with 3.50GHz Turbo Boost)

Graphics Card = Intel HD Graphic 620 (with DirectX 12)


SSD = 128GB




Device , Live brushes , Tools






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