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Illustrator MAX 2023 (27.0) Update: Intertwine, multiple 3D enhancements, quick actions and more!

Adobe Employee ,
Oct 18, 2022 Oct 18, 2022

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The Adobe MAX update to Illustrator brings you several exciting features listed below. To update your current version or to download it, see this article 


Here is a quick sneak peek at features going live in MAX. For more details, please check out this help article.



Video Contributed by Tony Harmer

Tony Harmer Chief Enchantments Officer at Wizardry Ltd. Tony Harmer (a.k.a The Design Ninja) is a creative Swiss-army-knife and learning-content author with a three-plus-decade career that has given him a broad experience base to draw upon, including some time as a press operator, several years as a concept artist in IP development, several more as an instructor in many applications, delivering graphic production training worldwide, and a few more as a specialist solutions consultant for Adobe. 



Intertwine: You can now selectively reorder parts of your artwork to create an interweaving pattern. Use the new Intertwine feature to partially overlap text, shapes, and objects.






Quick Actions: Illustrator now has quick actions like Photoshop. Quick Actions let you complete complex and tedious workflows with a single click. Use the curated list of quick actions to give a retro, old-school style, or neon-glow effect to your text, instantly. You can also convert hand-drawn sketches to vector images or recolor artwork using quick actions.




Export 3D objects to USD and GLTF Formats: Illustrator now lets you export 3D objects to GLTF and USD file formats that are widely compatible with Adobe Substance 3D applications and others. You can import the assets into your favorite 3D applications to edit and enhance them further. 







Other enhancements:


SrishtiBali_3-1665085203959.jpegBetter performance while opening files with multiple linked files: When placing multiple linked files or images in PNG format, the file loading and opening time in Illustrator has improved.








Retain format when pasting text between Illustrator and InDesign.gifCopy-Paste text between Illustrator and InDesign: You can now copy any text from InDesign and paste it into your Illustrator document while preserving text style, format, and effect.









We would love to hear from you about how you found these features and tutorials. If you have any questions or issues, please create a new post on community and we will help you. 




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