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Performance benchmark for ID, PS, AI ...

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Jan 26, 2023 Jan 26, 2023

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For the last few years I wanted to create a tool to test which configuration is best for ID, PS, AI - more / faster RAM, faster CPU / more cores, faster/bigger drive, better GPU, etc.


Now, as I've created extremely powerful tool for ID 😉 I can finally realise my idea 🙂 PC only ...


BUT ... what do you think would be the best set of tasks to maximize workload ?


How may pages ? 1000 - 10000 ? More ? Operations - single page -> spread -> single, move pages, resize pages, move between documents, etc.

How many stories ?

How many documents opened at the same time - book ?

Creating large number of Char/Para Styles ? Apply them, then change their properties - to recompose / reflow text.

Find & Change - text, GREP.

Tables - creating / converting / restyling.

Object Styles - creating / applying / editing.

Images / vectors - what operations - import / export / resizing / duplicating / transformations / effects ?

Layers - in the document and in the linked files - show / hide - then export as JPEG / PDF - kind of simulating multilanguage documents.

Indexing / Hyperlinks.




And as I can connect to PS / AI - what filters and what operations ? Resizing, rescaling, resampling, color conversion, etc ?


Export INDD as JPGs / PDF - whole doc, split into separate pages, by sections, etc.


To minimize number of included files - and make it more reliable - I was thinking about creating base document from the included DOC / TXT file(s) - then export it as PDFs / JPEGs - then use them as vectors and images when importing.


So what do you think would be the best set of steps ?

What operations would be best to test & stress CPU / drive / GPU - if class of GPU have any impact at all - then CPU + drive, etc.

And as document can be opened without showing it - we culd use it to test performance gain when ID doesn't have to refresh the screen.

And each step / section can be timed individually + overall time to complete all the tasks.


As every command you can do manually can be simulated - test would be quite realistic and repeatable.


And I can read machine's configuration so all specs will be easy to compare.


ID-Tasker - most powerful tool ever created for InDesign
Import and export , Performance , Scripting






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