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Lightroom Sync problems

Community Beginner ,
Dec 12, 2023 Dec 12, 2023

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I'm primairly a Lightroom desktop user, but have Lightroom Classic installed and synced. Lightroom Classic has always seemed laggy to me, and I can generally do the edits I need to in Lightroom, so that's what I've been doing.


Recently, I wanted to try a plugin that would only work with LIghtroom Classic, so I opened Lightroom Classic and updated it from version 11 to 13.0.2.


The problem I was having was that images were not syncing completely. I always had some combination of images that were downloading/uploading/pending. I tried rebuilding the sync data a couple of times without luck.


So after a lot of research on this forum, and elsewhere, I decided to turn off sync and create a new catalog


The catalog is saved to a new external ssd. My computer is a 2018 Macbook Pro 2.6Ghz I7 with 32g Ram.


After 2.5 days of downloading, my downloads appear to be stuck again in Lightroom Classic. The catalog shows 28,942 All Photographs, and 28,934 All Synced Photographs. In the Prefernces window,  Lighroom Sync tab, it currently shows 13 Uploading, 415 Downloading, and 25 Pending. In the same tab, in the Account section, it shows Uploads: 29,374 photos synced. 


In Lightroom, next to All Photos it shows 29,382.


Another weird issue: I made some edits to two images in Lightroom. The edits synced to Lightroom Classic correctly, but edits have disappeard from Lightroom, where I initally made them. Not only that, but when I try to use the edit panel, I get the message:


"Waiting for Settings. This photo is missing updated settings from (my macbook pro) on (date and time).  Open Lightroom on that device to have edits synced. If you would like to edit the image immediately, you can reset all settings."


I was getting this same message before, and it was one of the reasons I decided to create a new catalog. Obviously, this hasn't fixed the issue. Needless to say this is pretty frustrating, and has been a tremendous time drain.


Thank you in advance for any help.








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