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Unable to import images from folders in Lightroom Classic

Community Beginner ,
Nov 08, 2023 Nov 08, 2023

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OK, so, super-annoyed right now. 


For some reason, Lightroom only "sees" 66 images in a sub-folder that contains 151 images. I've tried restarting Lightroom (v. 13.01), optimizing the catalog, renaming the folder, reverting to v. 13.0, reverting to a couple of the older v. 12 releases, and even some odd suggestions from a post that suggested switching to Copy and then switching back to add. 


I can easily import the 66 images, but the others don't even show up.  


What worked: copying the sub-folder to a different disk. Copy the sub-folder back to the original disk as a higher-level directory, and then Lightroom "saw" and imported all the images. 


Needless to say, an hour wasted is annoying. 


FYI, copying the new subdirectory to the original higher-level directory repeats the issue. 


Not sure if anyone reported this, so here I came. 


By the way, just before this, I also had an issue with trying to move files from one directory to another (it gave me an error saying the images cannot be copied). I suspect there's a glitch handling the directory and/or file structure. 


Also FYI, I've been using and processing files in other subdirectories under the same higher-level directory for the last few days, and everything worked well until about two hours ago. 


Did I mention I'm not happy?


Thanks, ejd







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