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Very slow on reading of metadata for video

Community Beginner ,
Jul 25, 2022 Jul 25, 2022

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1. Version: LR Classic 11.2 & 11.4.1 show the same issue.


2. Platform: Windows 10 21H2, build 19044.1826


3. Reproduce scenario: In a folder with a photos and videos when I scroll through photos (.dng) with keyboard, as expected, the contents of the Metadata pane with "Default" set is updated rather quickly. When I select  a video (.mp4 file), most of the time the pane is not updated at all and the CPU usage jumps from 3-5% to 44-48% and there is no disk load.


Sometimes it happens that the pane is updated. But the CPU usage remains high forever and there is no disk usage.


Sometimes pane update works fine but CPU usage rises and remains high. 


Sometimes, after the pane got video metadata it scrolling further on doesn't update the metadata anymore and CPU usage remains high.


CPU usage falls down and the pane starts updating after scrolling to the next photo. But sometimes not.


CPU usage falls down always after switching to another folder or collection.


I understand that you read metadata in a background thread - you do not want to block the whole system reading metadata, which is not always requested and if requested, it's ok to appear in 0.1 secs later. But, please, do not let this thread hanging. 


Please, don't get locked on the keyboard - it's just a reproduce scenario. With mouse behavior is the same but just more complicated to get it demonstrated. Sometimes it works with mouse.


4.1. Expected results: metadata pane for a video file is updated as fast as for photos, CPU load remains low.

4.2. Actual result: metadata panes for a video file is updated sometimes, CPU load rises dramatically with no disk load and remains so. The LR Classics starts lagging and becomes barely usable.
My HW: Intel Core i5-6500 @ 3.2 GHz with enough memory and disk, NVidia GeForce GTX 960.






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