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Deleted all photos from 'Deleted' folder, now 'All Photos' folder is empty. Lightroom Cloud

New Here ,
Dec 05, 2021 Dec 05, 2021

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Hi, I have an issue where Lightroom (Cloud, not Classic) has deleted the contents of my 'All Photos' folder, after wanting to permanently delete the contents of my 'Deleted' folder to free up space.


Here's an account of what happened...

I uploaded 56 new photos to Lightroom CC, but it said the cloud was full so they didn’t upload.

I had 952 in my ‘All Photos’ folder and 212 in my Deleted’ folder. I was happy to permanently delete the photos in the ‘Deleted’ folder but wanted to keep the photos in other folders (i.e. the remaining 740 photos in ‘All Photos’).

In the ‘Deleted’ folder I clicked the three dots in the top right corner and selected ‘Permanently delete all photos…’. I understand this to mean all photos within the ‘Deleted’ folder so proceeded with clicking OK.

I then walked away whilst the deletion/sync process took place. When I came back, all 952 photos in my ‘All Photos’ folder were gone, not just the 212 in the Deleted folder I had requested to be deleted.

But, because I’d already requested an upload of 56 new photos, they had also uploaded as part of the whole process so when I returned to my laptop the ‘All Photos’ now has 56 photos. It should have 796 (952 - 212 Deleted =740. 740 'All Photos' + 56 new photos). 'Deleted' folder is empty.


In summary, I want to recover the 740 images that seem to have been deleted even though they weren’t in the ‘Deleted’ folder.


Any help appreciated. Not sure if this is a bug, or user error.








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