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Returning Images from Photoshop to MacOS X Photos Application

Community Beginner ,
Jun 08, 2024 Jun 08, 2024

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I am trying to understand what is going on image size-wise when I take an image from MacOS X (Sonoma 14.5) Photos [Version 9.0 (651.0.100)] which is, for example, 232 KB JPEG and select Photos>Image>Edit with>Photoshop Beta (25.10.0) and it arrives as 2.52 MB (same size of 938 pixels H and W; 72 ppi as in Photos). Then I edit it in Photoshop and Camera Raw Filter. I return to Photoshop and hit Save to return to Photos Application on the Mac. A window appears for JPEG Options, I select Quality of 10 Maximum and Format Options (I have tried Baseline Standard and Baseline Optimized) and hit OK.  The size of the image in Photos Application remains at 232 KB. I was wondering what happened to the changes in size of the image?

If I export or Save As to my desktop and import back into Photos, the size is approximately the same 344 KB,  but in Photoshop it was in MB. 

Alternatively, if I enlarge the size in Photoshop via Image>Image Size by changing the resolution to 200 ppi the dimensions change to 2606 x 2606 px and the image size is now 19 MB. But when I save back to Photos the new image size is 2606 x 2606 px but the image size is only 314 KB.  I was rather expecting the image size to be far greater into MB in size. 

My goal is to be able to project the images on a screen and I would have liked the resolution and size of the image to fill the screen far more than a few KB image would predict. 

Am I misunderstanding this?








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