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How do I write a feature request?

Adobe Employee ,
Sep 15, 2021 Sep 15, 2021

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We’re excited to hear your ideas for Photoshop beta and look forward to seeing your new feature requests!


You may ask, What you can do to increase the chances of being heard? 


One request per thread:

When creating an Idea or Feature Request thread, please keep requests for features to ONE request per thread. Doing this will allow others to vote on the single, specific feature and not confuse Upvotes amongst a list of feature requests.


If an Idea thread has multiple requests in it, you may be asked by a moderator to split the multiple requests up into multiple threads so others can vote. 



Example Idea thread:


"When using the brush tool, it would be great if it was pressure sensitive when using my stylus"
"I really need X tool, when will that be implemented?"

Additionally: Any extra detail you can provide on "Why you need the feature to behave a certain way", or "what problem this feature request solves" is very useful for the product team.






How will the feature help your workflow?
Describe why you want the feature - include the problem you're currently hitting, and how this new feature would solve that problem. Before working on a feature, the product team will need to understand how your idea fits in, and may even come up with a better way of solving your problem.

Enlist support!
If you feel strongly about a feature, and you know other people do too, get them to vote!



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