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How to make Individual brushes keep individual brush settings?

New Here ,
Mar 28, 2024 Mar 28, 2024

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I am having an issue with my brushes, this is happening on some brushes, and not on others.

All I want is for Individual brushes to have their individual changes brush settings, but when I customise one brush, it seems to apply it to the next brush I select


For Example, I am trying out a "Clover Brush",

With Shape Dynamics, Scattering and Colour Dynamics Enabled


Contrast with my Regular Ink brush in which I just have Shape Dynamics enabled.

Each time I switch from one brush to another, I have to change all the settings back again including size jitters and scattering options, here are what the brushes look like, Ticks with the way it should look and behave, and crosses of the brush after I switch back to the other brush.


I have tried using the Locks next to the brush settings but the do the same thing and keep things locked on whatever brush I use it on, and I have tried creating new brushes from the same old brushes (going to Right Click on brush > New Brush Preset + Ticking "Include Tool Settings") and it still stays the same and the problem persists, is there any way around this? Thank you.

(This is on the Latest version of Photoshop, Windows 10) 







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