Is it possible to delink brushes in cc 2022 from cc 2021?

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Feb 16, 2022 Feb 16, 2022

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I use cc 2022 exclusively for painting and keep cc 2021 as a backup.

I have well over 1000 brushes in 2022 from Kyle, Arville, plus a few other brush designers, and brushes that I have designed.  

I am working on new brushes that use the dual brush concept.  Under my "brush settings tab" every brush has  a graphic of the brush shape and a rather meaningless number below the graphic which makes the selection of a dual brush very hit and miss, trial and error. Ideally I would like to use cc 2021 to create the new brushes with a limited number of brushes installed as tool presets/brush settings.  But deleting brushes in either cc version automatically deletes the brushes in the other version.  

Is it possible to delete brushes in one version only thus leaving the brushes in the other version unchanged?








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