.R3D Consolidate Duplicates - does nothing

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Mar 22, 2022 Mar 22, 2022

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Steps to reproduce:

1. Import a .R3D file (through media browser)

2. import the same file again 
3. create a new sequence (or use an empty sequence already created)

4. select one of the, twice imported,  .R3D files and place it in the sequence

5. select the other, . R3D file and place it in the same sequence

6. within your timeline display settings turn on "show duplicate frame markers"

(repeat the steps above with a .mov file)


Result: Both clips now display as duplicates in my timeline. Yet if I choose "consolidate duplicates" from the edit menu .R3D files are not removing duplicates from my project. The same process with .mov will remove a duplicate.  

Expected: If Premiere is aware that the clip is duplicated in the timeline I would expect it to delete the duplicate in the project.
System info
    Application: Premiere Pro (Beta) v22.4.0.12
    OS: macOS v12.2.1, RAM: 64.00 GB GB, CPUs (logical): 16

Bug Unresolved
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