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Adobe MAX 2021 and Adobe Premiere Pro (v.22)

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Oct 26, 2021 Oct 26, 2021

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Adobe MAX Logo Blue.png


Welcome to Adobe MAX 2021!
October 26-28

Register Here. It's free!

MAX FAQ: Find out more. See what you can learn. 
MAX Sessions: Pick from a huge variety of digital video & audio courses.

Join our contest and WIN a subscription to Creative Cloud. Details here!

What's new in Premiere Pro 2021 (v.22)?

There are numerous features in the new version of Premiere Pro. Check them all out here!


whats_new_premeire_pro_max_2021_unified_version_number.pngUnified version numbers: With this release, Adobe video and audio applications are aligned on version 22.0, making it easier for you to keep track of updates and ensure compatibility across the applications. More info here.




whats_new_premeire_pro_max_2021_improve_caption.pngSpeech to Text improvements: Improved transcription accuracy for pop culture terminology and better formatting of dates and numbers. More info here.





whats_new_premeire_pro_max_2021_simplify_sequence.pngSimplify Sequence: Create a clean copy of the current sequence for sharing with other editors, archiving, or exporting as EDL, XML, or AAF. More info here.




whats_new_premeire_pro_max_2021_colour_management_hevc.pngColor management for H.264 and HEVC: New color management for H.264 and HEVC formats, including 10-bit and HDR media, means that the correct color space is used in Premiere Pro when importing or exporting these formats. More info here.



Improved playback for 10-bit HEVC: New hardware-accelerated decoding for 10-bit HEVC 422 provides improved playback and editing on Apple M1 and Intel Windows systems. More info here.


Improved playback for 10-bit H.264 on Apple M1: New hardware-accelerated decoding for 10-bit H.264 422 provides a smoother editing experience with this format on Apple M1 computers. More info here.


Color management for Sony XAVC-L-HDR: New color management for Sony XAVC-L-HDR footage gives broadcasters and production teams another option for working with HDR content. More info here.


whats_new_premeire_pro_max_2021_color_vectorscope.pngNew colorized Vectorscope: Use the new Colorized Vectorscope to guide your grading. Double-click the Vectorscope to zoom in for more detail. More info here.





whats_new_premeire_pro_max_2021_improved_histogram.pngImproved Histogram: Improved Histogram offers a brighter and crisper display for both Standard Dynamic Range and HDR content. More info here.




whats_new_premeire_pro_max_2021_improvement_new_import.pngLumetri curve refinements
: A larger window and easier selection make curve adjustments more enjoyable and more efficient. More info here.





whats_new_premeire_pro_max_2021_restore_triming.pngRestore trim selection: This convenience feature lets you restore selections in the timeline that you may have accidentally unselected. More info here.




Improved Media Relinking for Team Projects: Use the same media relinking workflow in Team Projects as you do in stand-alone Premiere Pro. Team Projects generates the mapping, keeping track of your local media and the shared Team Projects file. More info here.

Improved Bars and Tone: You can now create test patterns for both HDR (High Dynamic Range) and traditional SDR (Standard Dynamic Range). The audio parameters are now combined into one consolidated dialog. More info here.

New GPU acceleration for effects: Alpha Glow, Mirror, Reduce Interlace Flicker, and Strobe are now GPU-accelerated, offering significantly better during playback performance and render faster for exports. More info here.


Premiere Pro Beta New Features

Check out new features from Premiere Pro Beta. Very excited to see "Remix" added to the feature set!


whats_new_premeire_pro_max_2021_beta_introducing_mix.pngRemix, powered by Adobe Sensei: Use Remix to intelligently re-arrange songs so that your music matches your videos. Instead of manual razor cuts and crossfades, let Remix do the work for you, generating a new mix in seconds. More info here.



whats_new_premeire_pro_max_2021_beta_auto_tune.pngAuto Tone: Auto Tone uses new technology to apply intelligent color corrections in the Lumetri Color panel. Auto Tone adjustments are reflected in the Lumetri sliders so that you can fine-tune the results. More info here.



Speech to Text on-device: Now in Beta, Speech to Text on-device lets you use Speech to Text without an internet connection, providing faster transcriptions. More info here.

Improvements for new Import mode: New import mode, currently in Premiere Pro (Beta) now includes UI refinements, sorting options, marquee selection, a playhead for scrubbing thumbnails, the ability to copy files on import, and more. More info here.


Adobe Premiere Pro Beta Program Information

How does one download Adobe Premiere Pro Beta and provide feedback? See the following video. 






Premiere Pro Articles

The following is a collection of articles about Adobe Premiere Pro (v.22). 


Known Issues

No known issues for Adobe Premiere Pro (v.22) are known at this time. You can stay updated on known issues on the Known Issues documentation. For more information on known issues, click here.


System Requirements

Please check system requirements for any changes to the new version that may relate to your computer system: System Requirements.

What's fixed?

Community, please take note of the following fixed issues.

  • When selecting “Export each channel as separate file”, audio clip import fails.
  • Animated .gif output Quality slider (in video settings) does nothing.
  • Files from Polaroid Cube camera slowly drift out of sync.
  • Media captured using Xbox Game Bar displays with green preview artifacts.
  • Improved Smart Rendering Export performance.
  • Improved playback of certain MP4 files with multiple audio streams.
  • Ripple Trim shortcut will slip one frame.
  • Improved stability when switching workspaces.
  • Moving markers in the timeline with M1 Mac results in flickering in the Program Monitor.
  • Application hangs with control surface device and using <CMD>+<Opt>+Drag operation in the timeline.
  • Copy and paste of track volume will add a second instance in the volume effect.
  • The macOS (Big Sur) Moving slider tool results in preview glitches with a black frame in Source Monitor.
  • Resetting the button in the Loudness Meter effect can cause Premiere Pro to crash while using JKL.
  • Registration failure of multiple GPU filters.

For more information on fixed issues, visit the Fixed Issues page.

Adobe MAX 2021








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