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Issues with closed captioning

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Sep 25, 2022 Sep 25, 2022

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Sorry for the following long winded post.

1. I'm using 2022.6 to create and export .scc files from the timeline.

It's unfortunate that after exporting I end up with positioning and Hex issues.

Basically, I'm losing single quotation marks, Alt+14 musical note characters and

caption block and/or time code integrity on export.

Take a look at the video from Wetransfer.com  https://we.tl/t-SrmQRJecHR

You will see in the video that the original .scc created caption is correct.  When applying single quotation marks to a film title results in the ending single

quotation mark  turning into a white block. I don't think that it is because the quotation mark comes after a period. As far as I can tell, using the double quotation mark (") doesn't present an issue.

The same goes for applying the Alt+14 musical note character. It also turns into a white block.


On export, invariably, the first caption time and or block on the timeline is cut short and the starting point is moved. This I don't understand. Actually, is there a way to not have that first caption block and have Premiere export the full timeline spread?

The original file starts at 00;00;00;00 and goes to 00;00;04;17.

When adjusted to match the remaining captions, the starting point for the exported .scc file is 00;00;00;18.

Which makes the beginning gap 18 frames. You will see the desparity on the timeline in the video.

Hopefully, there is enough information for you to make head or tails on this.






Editing , Effects and Titles , Error or problem






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