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New AI Noise Reduction Tools

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Aug 05, 2021 Aug 05, 2021

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I unforunately found myself in the situation where I was editing footage that had really bad traffic noise in the background, often overwhelming the speaker.   In the past I was stuck with the Premiere tools which do a good job on steady noise but are not very good at attacking random noise.  I went searching and discovered a new group of AI based tools that do a good (IMHO) of noise reduction using deep learning.


I ended up using Audo.IO's "suite" tool because it was the most affordable.  It doesn't integrate that well into the workflow--you have to strip out the audio and process it separately to get around upload quotas.  However I found the results pretty amazing.  I was able to rescue the footage.  Haven't had time to play much with it.  At a 50% setting it removed most of the noise.  The voice was a little tinny but that can be fixed inside pro.  One of the alternatives did a little better job but it was way expensive.  Both these tools take video directly but if you have normal HD footage its too big and you end up processing the sound and then resyncing the output.  


Anyway I was a bit shocked that something that worked this well hadn't popped up in my online reading.  Are other folks using these tools?   Anybody have enough experience to do a quick rundown?

(BTW I am not a backdoor marketeer...I really am just a occasional video editor) using CC as my toolbase).

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