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New Multicam group linking in v23

Explorer ,
Jan 09, 2023 Jan 09, 2023

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Is there any description anywhere about how / if multicam group linking has changed in v23 when collaborating in a production?


It appears changes to the group will propagate down to other production projects that use that group now which is good - although a warning to update or not would be less dangerous in a shared environment. It also appears to link to the file path of the group that's project is open when you open a sequence project using that group.


We are sharing the main group with three editors remotely and to stay safe have duplicated the master group project to give each editor their own master group. This works but if I open my sequence project with another editor's master group project open instead of mine it links the media to their local drive path and not mine and my footage goes offline. This is actually potentially a great feature working remotely as it avoids the different root file names of the local drives as I can open their cut projects in read only and it will sync to my local drive automatically if I have my master group project open. This may also be a bug and not a feature of course! It's not so good if an editor has corrected the sync of a camera in their group but you have slipped the clip in the timeline instead - they will see some non sync shots linking to their corrected group.


Still doesn't propogate the 9-up view change in the master group to all of your edits in your sequence project though, so perhaps it is a bug?


Anyone else seeing this in v23?







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