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Start the Next Morning with wrong Audio - nothing helps - not re-connecting, not re-naming - nothing

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Aug 09, 2023 Aug 09, 2023

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I edited a 10-minute documentary segments with a lot of soundbites. all soundbites are recorded on an external wav. recorder i use for years with no problems. 


After closing premiere and restarting my mac the next morning. all audio flies had the wrong content, same recording but different parts / differents times codes. 


so i tried de-connecting, re-connecting, re-nameing, deleting of media cache, i even tried exporting the original clip and re-importing it not as wav. but now as mp3 and mp4 - nothing. it sticked to the wrong audio.


so i edited everything completely new. had to manually find all the right soundbite pieces again. but i did not lear. i did not export everything. instead i just saved everything and went to sleep. the next morning. Everything destroyed again. 


I am a little desperate by now. i don´t know what else i could try. there is nothing wrong with the original audio. 


macOS Ventura 13.2.1

Premiere Pro 23.5.0 Build 56


And Breaking News Update. Now it just happend to another audio track. a voice over track. suddenly the track was empty and i have to manuall re-connect although nothing changed. only difference to the soundbite track seems to be in this case the re-connecting seem to work - but still odd and still woth mentioning i guess. cause something like that never happend before 

Audio , Editing , Error or problem






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