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Dear Adobe, is it really that hard to add a motion blur setting to the effects / motion tab? 2024...

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Nov 10, 2023 Nov 10, 2023

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Yeah I get it, there is one under transform, but it's clunky and backwards. Anchor points are competing between the motion tab and transform, it's extra steps and the UI is just archaic. Doesn't work well with multiple keyframes and so on. Is it really that hard to listen to the growing feedback from the community and write a few lines of code to incorporate the feature?? Just add the darn thing to the motion tab. Heck add that setting under every effect, just like you did with masking. Add it to the text. I'll take it a step further, you should also incorporate a decent graph, similar to the one in AE and a few other very basic AE features. The graphs in premiere are extremely archaic and lack finesse. It's 2024, come on now. AI features are great but we also need precission and not have to keep jumping to the dynamic AE link for every basic thing out there. Incorporate AE lite straight into premiere, just like Davinci does with their system. For the price you're charging, you can do better. 


Am I the only frustrated person about this? The only reason I haven't switched yet is because the company I work for is using the adobe cc suite. 

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