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Face refinement features like the FACETUNE app because its REALLY good

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Nov 08, 2023 Nov 08, 2023

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If you all haven't used the Facetune app, you're missing out. It's incredible. It can autotrack your footage and with just a few clicks do a great face refinement that includes a ton of stuff (Even more stuff than what DaVinci Resolve can do). It's really good. Adobe should just buy the FaceTune company and build it into Premiere. It seriously is a game changer. No masking/rotoing/tracking, or any other time consuming tasks. Seriously, it's a 10/10 for features and how well it works. It costs like $72/year though, so I canceled after the free trial.

It blows my mind that Premiere isn't the leader in all of this. For the cost of Creative Cloud, Adobe should be the ones with all of these amazing features.

PLEASE build into Premiere Pro quick-use features like the FaceTune app.

Features that are a must from the Facetune app that are needed in Premiere (All of these auto-track and apply the effect with a slider bar for how much you want the effect):

  • Smooth skin (Softens the skin on your face and evens it out to hide imperfections)
  • Conceal (Blends in the areas under your eyes to hide wrinkles/bags)
  • Vibrance (Adds vibrance only to the skin on your face)
  • Glow (Adds a nice glow only to the skin on your face)
  • Smile (Makes teeth whiter)
  • Eyes (Can brighten, sharpen and increase the color of your eyes, as well as increase the white around the pupil.)


Those are all MUSTS in premiere pro. They can be applied in literally seconds and auto track, it's amazing. You can then save the 'look' for future videos and apply it even faster with the settings you like.


There are SOOO many other features like it can reshape parts of your face to your likely, change clothes, change hair, but those are honestly just bonuses. The list I mentioned above are the things that would be a massive help for video editors. Literally every client edit my production company does we spend HOURS on face refinement. It takes forever.


I would rate this as an extremely important feature to have.

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