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Feature request: Add "Overwrite" option to Paste Attributes

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Jan 03, 2023 Jan 03, 2023

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When using Paste Attributes there should be an option to overwrite any effect that's already on the target clip, rather than just adding a second instance of the effect and requiring me to go in and manually delete the old version.

This would be helpful to my workflow because in the course of editing I will often make subtle changes to only a couple of parameters of an effect, while leaving the rest of them intact. I then need to apply those changes to multiple clips, for example every instance of a specific camera angle in a multicam sequence, which can easily be dozens of instances in my projects.

Having an overwrite option would allow me to make adjustments to an effect on the first clip, paste those changes in bulk to the subsequent clips, and be done with the procedure.  Currently I have to either go through all the clips and change each one individually to match the first, or follow up the Paste Attributes use by going through and manually deleting the previous version of the effect on each clip, which is time-consuming and leaves room for error.


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