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make it stop please! scroll wheel in program panel zooms in, super annoying & dumb new feature

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Jun 25, 2024 Jun 25, 2024

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when I hover over the program panel to scroll through the timeline with my scroll wheel on my mouse the update apparently makes it zoom into the video instead of scrubbing through the timeline. This is extremely frustrating. Zooming into the frame is never a feature I wanted so it's completely useless. I need to be able to scrub the timeline with the cursor over the video in the program monitor for more than one reason. One, to fine tune my cuts which is the majority of what I do when I'm editing all day. So, I need this to not be a problem I have to constantly deal with all day every day. The way it suddenly is now there's a fine, unseen line between where I can scrub the timeline and where it zooms into the video and half the time I cross that line and zoom into the video. I then have to select "fit" until it happens again and knocks it out of "fit" into some percentage. Another time when I need the program panel to scrub with the cursor over the video is if I'm moving an object to create keyframes. In this case, which is fortunately not often, it would be excruciating to constantly have to move the cursor down below the fine line and back up again.

In short, I need it so the program panel scrubs the timeline as it does when I use the scroll wheel in the lower part of the panel, but I need it to do this even when the cursor is over the video in that panel. 

This changed sometime last year I think where it use to work properly but instead of scrubbing it frame by frame it like it does at the bottom of the panel it jumped around all annoying. Now it zooms into the video. It's like Adobe keeps ruining features with updates, like they're charging for updates that I don't want and only make editing harder. 

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