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Layers Become Corrupted/Broken

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Jul 12, 2022 Jul 12, 2022

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BROEKNGRIPLAYERON.PNGBROEKNGRIPLAYEROFF.PNGBROEKNGRIPLAYEROFF_Met.PNGBROEKNGRIPLAYERONMET.PNGBROEKNGRIPMASK.PNGIn my project I have a layer which adds a hexagonal white, nonmetalic patten, it is a fill layer with a black mask with a tile generator.

Suddenly, my model looked like my first image, I wasn't able to figure out why. Repeatedly my current material set went totally matte black then crashed. I restarted my pc and found the source to be 2 normal map fill layers and this grip color layers.

The Normal maps were producing similar effects to the images of the strange checkered pattern, even when hidden. I deleted those and then found that I could toggle the effect on and off with my grip layer.

I turned it on and off and got these screenshots. I save as'd the project to save the problem.

To fix it I copied the grip height layer as it is just a modified version of the same layer with the intention of undoing the changes from color to height with a bevel. But strangely, after copying the layer and enableing color, the previously broken layer started behaving perfectly normally.


If anyone knows why this happened that would be great to know. I included a version of the broken project. Before I fixed it but when I reload that save its fixed already.  


The broken project 


Bug Unresolved






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