Mobile Reader DC Does Not Recognize Distributed file

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Aug 16, 2020

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I experienced another example of "distributed" files not performing as described in the manuals.  If a distrtibuted form posted on the web is opened "in another application, namely Adobe mobile" when downloaded with Chrome, or shared to Adobe mobile when downloaded with Safari, attempts to complete the form and then return by email result in an entirely different interface than when done on a desktop.  Adobe Mobile treats it as an "invitation" to sign rather than the desktop's "submit form".  Pictures attached.  Is anyone else experiencing this behavior?
This is similar to issues I posted yesterday, with the Submit Button and Distributed Files at:
"Submit Button Breaks After Distributing".  Created a form.pdf using acrobat DC.  Added a button to submit a form on Mouse Up. Action is I preview the form and it works correctly. I save the form and open with Reader and it works correctly. When I Distribute the form so that I can have a Response file, the new form_distributed.pdf no longer works. Reader does not detect the button and adds its own Submit Form button with my account ID email address.  And the submit button I created works but sends to the wrong email address.  I have attached files to demonstrate this issue.  Has anyone else experienced this behavior?  Is it expected?
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